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21 Jul 2017 09:26

💫We have received a lovely message from Oliver's parents on his last day with us today before starting school. 💫 "To All the staff at Evolution, We would like to say a huge thank you for your dedicated support and care of our boys James and Olly. Although they are very different characters, your child centred approach has that they have thrived in your care. It's the end of an era for us and you have prepared them well for the next steps on their journey. With best wishes from Sam, Rob, James and Olly Young" We are so pleased that James is doing will in his school journey and are sure that Olly will enjoy his new adventure too. Take care, stay in touch, love from everyone at Evolution Childcare @ The Lodge Nursery #parentsandpartnerships #dedication #families #childcare #cheltenham #goodbye #goodluck #takecare

17 Jul 2017 11:19

14 Jul 2017 11:36

😙 LOVE FOR SERGIO 😙 Elliot has celebrated his birthday this week and has kindly shared a piece of his cake with Sergio. Well done and Thank you Elliot #sharing #kindness

14 Jul 2017 07:47

🎉 HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎉 We would like to wish our wonderful Chef Sergio a Happy Birthday, we hope you have a wonderful day. Love from everyone at Evolution Childcare at the Lodge Nursery. x #birthday #celebration #evolution #cheltenam #team

13 Jul 2017 16:18

🎉 IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY 🎉 We would like give a massive shout out to all our children with birthdays this month: ⭐ Lenny, Verity and Elliot in Caterpillars and Butterflies ⭐ Matthew and Rosanna in Sunshine ⭐ Noah S, Evie L and Jacob O in Rainbow We all hope that you have lots of fun on your birthdays #happybirthday #celebrate #evolutionchildcare #cheltenham

13 Jul 2017 09:26

😁TAPESTRY OBSERVATION OF THE DAY😁 Jasmine sat in the home corner and began role playing with the baby. Jasmine picked up a bottle saying 'boccle' then began feeding the baby and as the inside of the bottle was beginning to disappear she said 'boccle empty.' Jasmine turned and picked up a egg shaped rattle saying 'egg, round' put it to the baby's mouth saying 'eating chocolate egg.' Jasmine turned the baby round and said 'dirty poo, wipe it' and began wiping the baby's bottom. There was a muslin cloth near by and Jasmine picked it up saying 'blanket' then put it over the baby covering the face saying 'do it like this.' The bottle rolled under the blanket and Jasmine pulled it out saying 'boccle move, baby night' giving the baby a rock on the back looking up at a carer saying 'baby sleep.' Jasmine then picked up the baby saw the eyes opened and said 'awake, hello baby.' #communication #language #roleplay #knowledgeandunderstanding #speech #opportunities

11 Jul 2017 08:36

09 Jul 2017 08:51

🗓️ LOCAL ACTIVITIES TO ATTEND 🗓️ New for 2017, heroic pups Chase & Marshall, from Nick Jr's 'PAW Patrol', will be visiting the Dean Forest Railway on Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th August. For more information and to book your tickets visit their website:

07 Jul 2017 15:50

👏 WELL DONE KELSEY 👏 Congratulations to our Staff Member of the Month Kelsey, great job and keep up the fanatstic work! #evolution #staffmemberofhemonth #congratulations

06 Jul 2017 11:00

🌞 The Sun is shining, lets sing a song 🌞 Sing a song of sunshine, Summer’s here at last! Flowers in the garden, Tell us Spring is past, Picnics in the country, Swimming in the sea, Holidays are happy days, So sing this song with me! (sing to the tune of Sing a Song of Sixpence)

06 Jul 2017 08:36

🗓️LOCAL ACITIVITIES TO ATTEND🗓️ The Gruffalo is back again this year at the Everyman Theatre from 19th -23rd July. Visit their website to book tickets

05 Jul 2017 15:19

👭Forming friendships👭 Daisy was playing a 'chase game' with Flora in the garden, they were playing really nicely together and giggling at one another. Daisy and Flora both walked over to the mud kitchen together and started playing with another child. They were talking to each other, taking turns with the saucepan and sprinkling in the soil, pretending to bake cookies together. Daisy and Flora have formed a special friendship recently #specialfriendships #seekingothers #sharinginterests #beingimaginative #roleplay

21 Jun 2017 15:35

This looks like fun to attend

18 Jun 2017 09:00

🥂IT'S YOUR WEDDING DAY🥂 We would like to wish Oscar's mum and dad Lena and Paul all the best the best for their wedding today, we hope that you have the most fantastic day and can't wait to see the photos.

13 Jun 2017 20:44

09 Jun 2017 18:28

We're hiring! Apply now.

09 Jun 2017 16:54

We're hiring! Apply now.

08 Jun 2017 15:38

🌳 TRIP TO THE PARK 🌳 Verity and Harrison enjoyed their trip to the park with the baby room this afternoon. They both enjoyed the swings and see-saw, giggling with excitement. Harrison had confidence to climb up the steps to the slide on his hands and knees and was very happy when he reached the bottom. #fun #laughter #pse #kuw #safety #exploring #pd

06 Jun 2017 12:15

24 May 2017 20:29

😀 WANTED PLEASE 😀 We are looking for some wooden cable reels. Do you have any the corner of your work shop, at the back of the work van, ready to dispose of? If this is something you have access to and wouldn't mind letting us have some we would be very grateful. Look at how they can be transformed with a creative hand. Thank you

22 May 2017 07:30

📚Supporting International Students📚 We are excited to announce that we have just agreed to help a student from Switzerland with her work experinece placement through Inlingua School of Languages. She will be with us at the end of July. We will keep you informed of her visit. #students #childcare #international #suppport #experince #knowledge #training

19 May 2017 15:43

🌷🌿GARDENER REQUIRED🌳🌼 We are looking a someone to become our nursery gardener, to mow the lawn, keep the weeds away, sweep the driveway, trim the hedges etc. This would need completing every fortnight during the spring/summer and as needed in the Autumn/Winter. Please share with family and friends if you know of anyone that might be interested in the role. All enquiries can be made on 01242 525374 *A DBS check will be required but can be arranged with Zara and Sandie

19 May 2017 14:08

5 CHEEKY MONKEYS 🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒 The Rainbow children have enjoyed singing 5 cheeky monkeys with Sandie today, the have also painted their our monkeys this morning. #newsongs #communication #language #socialtime #expressivearts

17 May 2017 19:24

Let's have a bit of fun.... What would your child's name of been if you had done this, I will start you all off in the comments. X #namingbaby #fun #laughter

11 May 2017 09:26

The Moscow State Circus are coming to the Racecourse from 17th May until 21st May. We have two free grandstand tickets available for either performance on Wednesday 17th May. Do you want to go? First person to comment 'Acrobat' on this post can collect the tickets from nursery.

23 Apr 2017 17:37

*** REMINDER - NURSERY PHOTOS - MONDAY 24th April*** #photography #images #Nursery #Preschool #Cheltenham #Battledown

23 Apr 2017 17:22

A fantastic HAPPY BIRTHDAY this April to Alexander, Heather, Harvey,Finley, Riley, Isaac & Katie #Evolution

23 Mar 2017 19:42

★ WELL DONE RACHEL! ★ Congratulations to our Staff Member of the Month #Evolution #childcare

09 Feb 2017 19:08

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Martha, Anna & Betsie in Rainbow. A WARM WELCOME Sophie in Butterflies #Evolution #childcare #nursery #preschool #Cheltenham

16 Dec 2016 19:54

HAPPY BIRTHDAY this month of December to Bluebelle, Axel, Amber,Tabitha, Megan, Charlie, Victoria & Asia #childcare

14 Dec 2016 22:16

We held an Awards night tonight for our fantastic staff, with some lovely comments from our parents, thanks for your support #team #Awards

04 Nov 2016 11:56

** NURSERY PHOTOS - MONDAY 7th NOVEMBER*** #photography #images #Nursery #Preschool #Cheltenham #Battledown

31 Oct 2016 17:32

🎂Here's our October Birthday shout-out! 🎂⭐ Teddy B in Caterpillars⭐ Rory in Sunshine #Evolution #childcare #nursery #preschool #Birthday

06 Oct 2016 17:39

🍛🍛🍛SATURDAY NIGHT IS CURRY NIGHT!🍛🍛🍛 Don't forget it is Parents Curry Night this Saturday, starting at 6.30pm. #Cheltenham #Nursery #Curry

26 Sep 2016 13:17

A big Evolution welcome to Eva, Sid, Rory, Liam, April, Autumn, Isaac, Sophie, Tristian & Fyfe! #Evolution

21 Sep 2016 10:26

✯ WELL DONE KIM! ✯Our September EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH is the lovely Kim Smith! #EmployeeoftheMonth

02 Sep 2016 16:11

🌟 🌟 🌟 NOW RECRUITING 🌟 🌟 🌟 We are looking for a Qualified Nursery Practitioner to join our fantastic team.

12 Aug 2016 08:24

🇯🇵 Japanese students visit Rainbow. 🇯🇵 origami, playing, singing. learning lots #eyfs #learning #worldlinks #japan

12 Aug 2016 08:16

JAPANESE STUDENTS VISIT. The Children had some visitors last week all the way from Japan, #Japan #eyfs #links

01 Aug 2016 20:12

CONGRATULATIONS NATALIE - EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH Nat has been doing a fab job since Zara has been on maternity leave.

14 Jul 2016 06:23

Happy birthday to our fantastic cook Sergio from everyone @EvoCCTheLodge #birthdayfun

29 Jun 2016 07:12

#WEDNESDAY is #NURSERYRHYME DAY! ★ Let's all sing-along to #JackBeNimble 🎵🎶🎤

28 Jun 2016 09:09

More fabulous #FOOD #ART ideas you can try at home with your #children - #EvoCCFood

27 Jun 2016 07:25

SPACES AVAILABLE in our #Reception Room, call us now 01242 525374 or email

24 Jun 2016 07:54

Feel free to RT our '#Riddle of the week'. We'll reveal the correct answer on Monday morning 😊

22 Jun 2016 12:32

Always a lovely feeling when we receive great #feedback from the #parents of our little @EvoCCTheLodge angels....

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