Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker

3 March 2015

Interior decorator, HR manager, consultant chef, utilities manager, facilities manager, project manager, procurement managers, interior designer, AstroTurf layers to name but a few. Setting up this nursery lark is providing the opportunity to develop the art of adaptability. What a rollercoaster but the most exciting time of our lives!

Vicky, the team and I are thrilled with the progress being made at the nursery, but we appreciate this is just the beginning and there is an awfully long way to go. We keep reminding ourselves we are laying the foundation stones and are delighted to see Zara, Sandie and their team embark on the reintroduction of lost processes, freshening up of ideas and learning outcomes for our children at the nursery.

The renovations are flying and anybody that has been to the nursery cannot have missed the fencing, which has been a critical part of our plan to make the transition to the gardens at the nursery as safe as possible.

Work on the new Reception Room that links Rainbow at the front of the building into the heart of the nursery (integral to our philosophy of safety and inclusivity) are nearly complete. Kathryn and Claire in Rainbow, who have over 50 years experience of working in this nursery setting between them, are fonts of knowledge and they are fundamental, in our opinion, to a successful nursery team. With the flow throughout the nursery improving, it will mean the nursery team can share knowledge and the children even more communal experiences.

The build is coming to an end, you will be please to know and it is our intention to organise a parents event to act as a private launch and to share the changes completed in March. Watch this space.


The builders taking a brief break from their hard work

 We launched the new seasonal menus on 23rd February and the first week has been a success. Our Chef Sergio has massively engaged with the new challenge and has introduced local suppliers for our meat deliveries; these relationships were developed in his time as a restaurant chef. The Spring Menu was moved forward a week and we will start to see Sergio’s real skills in the coming weeks, albeit with a little help from Evolution Headquarters Chef Tash. Tash kindly provided some recipes for Sergio to help him out in the first week, it’s not that he did not know the how to cook the dishes, but as a native Italian he was not quite sure what a “Hotpot” or a “Cobbler” were. Remember the menus will be found on the parents boards around the nursery and once the Reception is finished they will reside there.

Finally, we look forward to welcoming a number of the Evolution Team to visit us in March. Nicola the Baby Room Manger,  Jacqui the UK Franchise Director and Sue (Nursery Manager extraordinaire) will be coming down to spread some inspiration in the nursery. Nicola and Natalie in the Baby Room will be looking at resources and sensory development, whilst Zara and Sue will be finishing training.

Best wishes,


Owner, The Lodge

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