Family Day

16 May 2016

How quickly is this year passing by already, we are now sadly in the process of acknowledging we are very close to saying goodbye to some of our lovely pre-school children over the summer ready for them to embark on their next adventure to school. Lots of organising, transition records/report writing but more excitingly planning their graduation party to take place on 6th August. As much as it is a sad time it has been lovely to see them all develop and grow over the last few years, they have some wonderful personalities and wacky conversations are going to greatly missed. We are sure that they are all going to settle into school well.

Our Family Day that took place on May 14th, was a huge success. The fact that the sun was shining, the BBQ smelt good and the children were enjoying the bouncy castle whilst the parents were sat enjoying a cold beer or a glass of Pimms, we couldn’t of asked for a better day. Everyone had a fabulous time – Sandie suffered with a numb bum from nearly 4 hours of face painting. Zara’s feet were swollen from being nearly 7 months pregnant and on them all day helping with the BBQ, and both a little pink from the sunshine but neither of us complained, it was an amazing afternoon. It was great to see so many parents and families turn up and spend their Saturday with us.

We’ve had fantastic feedback from parents who all enjoyed the day, and appreciated all the effort that we went to, some lovely words have been said. We really do have the best parents!!

Can we just say a huge Thank you to Dan (Sandie’s Husband) for cooking all the food on the BBQ, Dec (Zara’s Husband) for serving up the drinks, Kathryn for using her magic touch of conversation to sale the raffle tickets – Congratulations to Martha Morgan on winning a Sony Digital Camera.

Also we would like to say a special thank you to Adam and Vicky who generously funded the event, It was very kind of them and was lovely to meet their new addition Kitty and see Scarlett and Matilda again enjoying the event too.

A special mention to Kathryn was made on the day as she quietly informed Sandie that had been working at the site for 23 years that week. So sneakily we arranged with the rest of the team to create a lovely selection of personal messages and a bottle of Prosseco for her to enjoy, to say that she was a little overwhelmed was a understatement and we got into all sorts of trouble with her. You can read the words her fellow colleagues had to say below. Truly grateful for the gesture after her emotional read of what everyone had said, she brought us chocolates so it wasn’t that bad! We think the achievement its self of 23 years is something that definitely needs to be recognised, as well as the hardworking and lovely team member that she is.

So after great success we personally can’t wait for the next one to come along, but in the mean time we’ll be preparing for the short break that Zara will be taking over the summer (lucky devil) for the arrival of her baby, but we know she will be in to say hello and introduce the baby to the nursery world ready for her to start in the baby room towards the end of the year.

We would like to thank all the staff and parents for their continued support and dedication.

Please keep reading to view the lovely messages written for Kathryn.

Best wishes,

Sandie & Zara


The lovely Kathryn Richardson, our Preschool Room Manager, has been based at the nursery for 23 years this week...

Here are a few words for Kathryn from the team here at Evolution Childcare - The Lodge - Nursery & Preschool:

From Nichola:
‘I love working with Kathryn, she has been like a second mum to me, always kind, caring full of advice and willing to listen…she gives great cuddles too!! She is fab with her team and the children, a consistent positive role model. I want to give a special thank you to Kathryn for looking after my daughter and catering for her individual needs as her key worker. Love always xx’

From Zoe:
‘Kathryn helped me when I started by offering guidance and advice when I first started, she has lots of professional knowledge and is generally caring.’

From Clare K:
‘Kathryn is very polite, always willing to help others and will go that extra mile, she’s a really lovely and bubbly person.’

From Sergio:
‘Kathryn made me feel welcomed when I started, she’s always happy and loves a chat!’

From Martyna:
‘I admire Kathryn’s knowledge and experience. I’d love to be half as good as her in the future, she’s an amazing teacher.’

From Judy:
‘Kathryn is very professional, she listens and you know that anything you say is in confidence. She’s a true friend and I love every minute I work with her.’

From Rachel:
‘Kathryn is always approachable, her professional knowledge has always helped me with my own practice, I look up to her as a great role model, she is a great friend and colleague.’

From Kelsey:
‘Kathryn is hardworking and loyal, she offers you good advice and will always listen to you.’  

From Sarah:
‘Since I started Kathryn has been welcoming, kind, open and gives good ideas that will help you as a person. Thank you for making me part of the team.’

From Clare M:
‘It’s been a wonderful ride, a bit like a marriage!! The fun and adventures we have had, I hope it continues all my love xx’

From Sandie:
‘There’s lots you could say about Kathryn, I think she’s helped everyone that has worked here, and does work here in her own way. On a personal level, Kathryn is kind, funny, will always ask how you are? And will listen when you need to let off a bit of steam. Kathryn 23 years is a great achievement for anyone but you have challenged yourself and continue to do so, so here’s to you and thank you for all that you do within our team. Have a well deserved glass or bottle of prosecco S xx’

From Zara:
‘Kathryn is a very valued and dedicated team member, Kathryn is always willing to listen, help and support any member of the team with her fast knowledge and experience. She always rises to the challenge, will give every aspect to her working day 200%, She always knows the right time to give you a cuddle even if you don’t want one! I’ve got Kathryn to thank for Hallie’s recent obsessions with red lipstick on our recent purchase her phase in front of the mirror was ‘Yes I’ve got one like Kathryn’ the bond still there after 3 years at school, and I know there are others still that have a strong bond with her. xx’

Here are some more comments from parents & former colleagues:

From Beccy Cowling:
'Aww well done Kathryn, and such true words loved working with you all those years ago! Glad you are cutting my children's hair tonight too x x x.‬'

From Trish Robbins:
'Kathryn is and always was an exceptionally hard working and loyal colleague and friend. What a lovely accolade from Evolution - The Lodge. Well done lovely lady x.'

From Amandalan TurnerAstell:
'Well done Kathryn!! It was lovely working with you!! Xx.'

From Rachel Smith:
'Well done Kathryn. I really valued all the advice and support you gave me when i worked with you x.'

From Amba Reynolds:
'Amazing!! Well done Kathryn! Noah is always bragging about what you have taught he each day x.'

From Kay Turner:
'Well done Kathryn xxx.'

From Jessica Griffiths:
'Well done Kathryn! Loved working with you and will see you soon xx.'

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