Early Learner (Sunshine) Room

At approximately 2 years children will move up through the nursery in to our Early Learner Room, developing within this room until they are approximately 3½ years old.

Our Early Learner Room can hold up to 24 children. The room follows the Early Year’s Foundation Stage profile with clear links on our weekly plans showing the areas we are focusing on. Children are encouraged to begin looking for and recognising their name. Participating in group activities such as stories, singing and directed circle times.

Early Learner Room #1

The layout of the room means that children are able to move around freely, accessing the activities they particularly enjoy as the staff plan activities they know their key worker children will particularly like.

Children are building confidence and relationships with both peers and carers, and also being prepared for their move up in to the Pre School room. At this important stage, staff are ready to help support parents with children’s development, liaising carefully on the correct times to implement toilet training and possibly reduce sleep times. As part of this leap into independence, children are encouraged to brush their teeth and begin to manage their own personal hygiene more effectively, washing faces and hands independently.

Early Learner Room #2