Reception (Rainbow) Room

At approximately 3½ years old children will move up to the top of the nursery and enter our Reception Room. This room can hold up to 24 children. Upon the introduction of the nursery grant all childcare providers were bound, if providing the grant, to follow the Foundation Stage Curriculum.

Within this room children are encouraged to develop skills in seven areas of learning; the room layout promotes these, having clearly defined areas for the children to make choices in. Equipment is kept entirely at the child’s level to ensure the children can develop their independence skills further.


It is of key importance for children at this stage to begin preparations for school. To assist with this children have weekly physical education sessions, encouraging them to develop their own personal skills and those of the group. Weekly language lessons, cultural shared experience days and letters and sounds sessions are also a vital part of our curriculum.

At this stage children are developing more advanced communication skills and building more complex relationships with their peers, these are promoted through a variety of activities with a daily routine that the children are aware of and follow. Independence skills are developed and children are encouraged to enhance personal hygiene skills as we brush our teeth after meal times.

Reception Room #2

The facilities within the Reception Room are all designed to ensure children have access to as much as possible before they take that big step on to school. A computer enables the children to begin learning about technology, and we introduce a story and reading scheme to enhance their understanding of books.

Reception Room #3

Children enjoy plenty of outdoor play times as they develop their physical skills.  The use of our outside classroom for teaching and role play is coupled with messier sand and water. We also take walks, observing our beautiful surroundings and enjoy trips.

Upon entry to the Reception Room, parents are issued with a ‘Welcome pack’. Included in this are all the rotas you will need for the coming year.

Reception Room #4